Les Geslets



The cuvée Les Geslets grows on the sites named "les Geslets", "les Sables", "la Lande" and "le Clos Deschamps".

100% made out of the grape variety "cabernet franc", it is typical of a classic Bourgueil. Aeolian sand, characteristic of the area of Bourgueil, gives delicacy and a fruity taste to cabernet franc.

The twelve-to-eighty-day-maceration enables this wine to keep its fruity flavour (raspberry, blackberry and spices). Les Geslets is a fresh and well-balanced wine, thanks to a double maturing process, first in stainless steel vats, then in 5000 litre-tuns.

Tasting suggestions

A bottle of Les Geslets will reach its fullness within the first years (between two to four years).

Les Geslets is a wine that will highlight many dishes: cold buffet, delicatessen, white and red meat, as well as game and cheese. Depending on the season, don't hesitate to adapt the temperature for serving wine, which can vary from 12 to 14°C.

Les Geslets