La Contrie



The grape variety "breton" (cabernet franc) takes its full delicacy on terraces of ancient alluvial deposits. Our Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil grows on the pure gravelled soils of the sites La Contrie and les Mauguerets.

They bring more smoothness to the cuvée La Contrie. Red fruit aromas are particularly pronounced.

La Contrie has a shorter fermentation process and matures exclusively in vats, which allows it to reach completeness from its first year.

Tasting suggestions

It takes only one to two years for La Contrie to be fully matured.

This wine will virtually bring out all your cooking talents. It will be wonderful if served with grilled fish, delicatessen, white meat and almost every cheese. The temperature for serving this wine may vary from 11 to 14°C, depending on the season.

La Contrie